Dr. Karaikovic is a lifesaver. in December of 2011, I was in a terrible car accident which left my back in shambles. I had such terrible pain I couldn’t walk. As a woman in her young 30’s this was devastating. I went to several doctors, who sent me for tests, shots, etc, but nothing worked and no one had any answers.

Fortunately I had a PPO and this is when I did my research and made an appointment with Dr. Karaikovic. For your initial appointment, be prepared to be there a long time, but that is because they are very thorough with you. First, they take x-rays if you haven’t had any already, second, you meet with doctor and a physical therapist to discuss your plan.

After meeting with Dr. K, it was decided that it would be best for me to get a microdiscectomy.  Dr. K explained things in a way that I understood and even gave me an online program which talked through what it would be like. Prior to having the surgery, he insisted on speaking with my parents who would be watching me post surgery to ensure they knew what sort of after care I would needed. I also had a back tattoo which I was concerned about. He used stitches instead of staples so that my tattoo wouldn’t be ruined.

Post surgery, he was right there and told me that everything went well. He was fantastic at following up with me, getting my leave papers for work done timely, and answering questions I had.

Forward to 2016, and I can walk and live my life again. He truly saved my life and I couldn’t recommend him enough.

Ann B.

Arlington Heights, IL