Eldin E Karaikovic Charity Research and Education Foundation


– Established 2008 –


  • To provide educational opportunities including scholarships for students in emerging and economically developing countries.
  • To give financial support to medical professionals who provide free medical and surgical services and supplies to impoverished patients in emerging and economically developing countries.
  • To provide continuing medical education without charge to medical and related professionals including but no limited to students, residents, fellows in emerging and economically developing countries on the latest techniques in medicine and surgery and related disciplines including orthotics and prosthetics.
  • To give in-kind and financial support to medical students and residents from emerging and economically developing countries, to support their studies and residencies at medical schools and affiliated hospitals both in the United States and abroad.
  • To give economic support to medical field research including but not limited to orthopedic and spinal surgery, both in the United States and abroad.
Dr Eldin Karaikovic - EKCREF Foundation

EKCREF Foundation

Since beginning his surgical practice in 2002, Dr. Karaikovic has traveled to several poor, less-developed and economically-emerging countries including Viet Nam, Bosnia, the Philippines, Costa Rica and Moldova, where he has performed surgeries without charge, conducted clinics, given lectures, consulted with medical faculties and provided individual direction and given instruction to medical students and recent medical graduates.


EKCREF Foundations

The Foundation has been engaged in ongoing research in the areas of spinal surgery and basic science related to the spine and orthopedics. It is currently engaged in biomechanical research on instrumentation for fractures of the central spine. Funds raised by the Foundation will be applied to purchase research-related materials and equipment including cadavers, custom-made mechanical devices (equipment), occasional technical assistance (personnel).

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EKCREF Foundation

Most of Dr. Karaikovic’s trips abroad include scheduled lectures to foreign medical faculties and students on the latest surgical techniques and related research. The Foundation will also give small stipends to foreign medical students and graduates from impoverished and developing countries who wish to practice as interns, residents or fellows at medical schools and hospitals in the United States.

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 The EKCREF Foundation is an exempt organization under section 501 (c) (3).